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Kathleen Summers 


My experience in the field of music therapy includes over ten years working as a clinical music therapist, teaching as an adjunct professor for both undergraduate and graduate music therapy students, contributing to published works, and acting as lead-investigator within a research team formulated for a music therapy study. In my medical-based clinical work I became motivated, through collaborations with interdisciplinary team members, to create new processes and protocols that met the growing needs of patients and families. Between the rise of mental health needs in healthcare, and the prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) in our society, it is becoming increasingly apparent the crucial role of creative health professions such as music therapy for the community and in the lives of a child and/or their family. This is not limited to and includes support during most sensitive times (examples: trauma recovery, end of life support, crucial and at times invasive examinations and procedures). Since leaving my clinical role in a hospital setting, I have been privileged with opportunities to collaborate with medical care teams and non-profit initiatives that fall in line with the vision I have for BPM Music Therapy. I am excited to continue to grow and support individuals' medical, psychosocial, and developmental journeys.

Clinical Work                                                      Qualifications


Owner & Music Therapist.

BPM Music Therapy LLC


Creative Arts Therapist (Music).

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Board-Certified Music Therapist

Certification Board for Music Therapists


MA, Music Therapy.

Immaculata University


Music Therapist.


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