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Established in 2022. Owned and operated by Kathleen Summers, MA, MT-BC



Thank you for visiting my website. I am a Southeast Pennsylvania-based board-certified music therapist, currently available for collaborations, advocacy, and consultation.​ I'd love to share with you the healing benefits of music through the therapeutic process.​


Mission & Vision

I’m an advocate for the healing power of music. From an early age, music was an anchor in my own life, healing, and my growth. Through my training and experience as a board-certified music therapist, I've learned more about the bridge between health and music, and am motivated to help others access the benefits of music therapy. Within the therapeutic process and relationship, music therapy interventions can be used to support a multitude of needs.

Training as a masters level music therapy clinician coupled with my extensive experiences in medical music therapy, mental health, and professorship have provided me with the groundwork to build my personal practice. My drive to support the present needs of my community in a meaningful way led to the creation of BPM Music Therapy.

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