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BPM Music Therapy LLC is partnering with local non profit organization to provide important services to the community. Scroll down to learn more!

Mindful Lullabies

Mindful Lullabies is a music therapy group for postpartum caregivers and babies 0-6 months old. Because those first few months of a baby's life can be extremely challenging and isolating, this group is especially tailored toward supporting the caregiver as well as the baby. Opportunities for bonding, education around developmentally appropriate uses of music with infants, and community building are key components of this group. 

Mindful Lullabies is donor funded and takes place at the Love Resource Center in King of Prussia, PA. We are now registering for our session beginning April 18th! Contact for a registration form today.

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Shane's Beats From The Heart

Heartbeat recordings are musical recordings in which the recording of a heartbeat is integrated as a key element. In collaborating with Shane’s Future Days and the CHOP Palliative Care Team, my primary goal is to provide meaningful legacy building opportunities that are helpful for patients and families, and to serve as a support for patient and families through their individual grief processes. This specially curated keepsake is made by the music therapist in collaboration with the family, who is integrated throughout the creative process. It is the perfect duet of a child and family, symbolizing their legacy of love. For more information,visit: Shane’s Beats From the Heart | Shane's Future Days (

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Shane's Future Days Fundraiser Event 2022

Kelly Goldin, bereavement coordinator

Paul Metzgar and Michele Metzgar, founders of Shane's Future Days

Kathleen Summers, music therapist 

Intro to heartbeat recording "Shanes Future Days"Future Days originally by Pearl Jam
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